"Helping To Make Their Early Years The Best Years!"

Early Years provides a wonderful place for your child to grow and develop in a warm and nurturing environment. We believe that our children need to feel secure and important at all times! We build on a strong foundation by providing learning, adventure, and guidance. Children will grow in an environment that invites and encourages their curiosity and questions as well as provides outlets for them to express themselves. We encourage thoughtful and respectful interaction between all people involved with our center making children feel comfortable to open up and take life in! 
Parents are a key factor in creating a successful child care program. Through parental involvement we are able to meet the needs of our families. We think that families should work with us as a team to provide an environment that facilitates the growth of children into well-adjusted individuals with positive self-images. 
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Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

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Ph: 218-287-8988
[email protected]

We welcome you to contact Early Years for any specific age openings or you can provide us your contact information by completing the online waitlist registration. This will allow the Site Director to view your request and we will attempt to meet your needs as quickly as possible.
Waitlist Registration
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If you are expecting a new baby please make sure to note your due date and the date you would like to start care. Once you have completed this a director will be in contact with you.
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2.    Contract Page-read Parent Handbook & sign
3.    Automated Payment Form

4.   Registration Forms-Child Information, Emergency,
      Medical, Permissions and Child Profile
5.    Health Care Summary ( care provider to complete w/in 30 days)
6.    Copy of Immunizations  (due w/in 30 days)

Registration Paperwork
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